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Trapped in the Tumblr Closet: Fuck Yeah Menswear

Dudes: Do you slumber in made-to-measure, monogrammed jammies? Do you coif your beard to match those of your pals, and wear limited edition Ray-Bans at night? Do you saunter down the sidewalk sporting the requisite I-don’t-give-a-shit scowl, ready, willing (and desperately yearning) for lurking street photographers to shove their DSLRs in your face? If so, a round of applause. You, my friend, are Crispy. 

A Crispy Gentleman, that is. 

What makes a gentleman Crispy? If you believe the creators of Fuck Yeah Menswear, the satirical men’s fashion blog, the answer is simple: it’s steaze (that’s style + ease). And now, rest assured, there’s an easy way to do it — via the blog’s 256-page book of the same name, in which founders (and self-proclaimed Crispy Gentlemen) Kevin Burrows and Lawrence Schlossman have compiled the sartorial secrets of the Crisp Life for all and any aspiring CGs. “Most guys are not living to the fullest capacity of their unstoppability, of their unfuckwithable-ness,” Lawrence admonishes. In other words: Give a shit but pretend you don’t. Or you know, do, but don’t. We think?

hahaha this is amazing

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